Meet the Troupe

Kimberly Sabel

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Kimberly Sabel

I have always danced to the beat of my own drum, and my biggest goal in life has always been to help people. I studied Psychology at Auburn University, and I obtained my Master’s degree in Education from AUM shortly thereafter. I fell into yoga, and it forever changed my life for the better.

I was an awkward teenager, and I am an even more awkward adult. I am clumsy, and I have never been exactly graceful. Anyone who knew me in high school can confirm that I was not flexible – at all. The fact that I am a yoga and aerial yoga instructor still amazes me sometimes. I came to the mat with few expectations. I wanted to lose a little bit of weight, and I wanted to be happier. I never thought that I would dive head first into yoga the way that I did. I am living proof that there is hope for anyone! Trust me.

I am a certified yoga teacher (200 RYT), and I hold a 65-hour certification in Unnata® Aerial Yoga. I also recently completed teacher training at the Circus Arts Institute in Atlanta, and I am now certified to teach the silks!

I strive to enrich other people’s lives. My entire education path has been a product of my desire to help people. My classes are built around enthusiasm, encouragement, and acceptance. I love making people smile! 

Megan Young

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Megan Young

My own yoga practice began with an interest in cultivating sharper mental clarity, as well as an interest in and curiosity about the physical benefits. Never could I have imagined what I would find with this sacred, beautiful practice using the body and the breath– myself. Yoga and meditation continue to bring me closer to myself each day and allow me to be a better, more authentic version of myself. I am absolutely overjoyed to share yoga with others so that they too may experience the magic it has to offer. As a teacher of yoga, I am blessed to work directly with students seeking to heal themselves, physically, emotionally, and/or mentally. Many lessons learned on the mat, overflow into daily life off of the mat. To be a part of that process is truly a great gift.

I am brand new to the Montgomery area; please come check out a class and introduce yourself! I love meeting new people, and I love hugs. : )

I have been developing my personal practice over the last 8 years and am a 500 hr. RYT, specializing in Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga. I also have a degree in Psychology and am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Mindfulness Studies. When I am not immersed in a yoga or contemplative practice of some sort, I am most likely walking out in nature with my dog, Stella, reading, running, cooking, or schooling my boyfriend in basketball.

Kathleen Millington

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Kathleen Millington

As a young woman if anyone would have told me I was going to grow up to be a yoga teacher, or even practice yoga, I never would have believed it! Who knew? I was very involved in all kinds of activities, but yoga was nowhere on my radar!

However, all that changed for me when I was diagnosed with a degenerating neuro muscular disorder in 2007. Hence began my yoga journey! As I sat in the Kirkland Clinic at UAB waiting to be seen by a Neurologist I found an article in a neurological magazine that was reporting a research study. It demonstrated how doing yoga 2-3x a week not only prevented deterioration in M.S. patients, but participants in the study actually improved. Three years after the study concluded, the M.S. patients were still receiving the health benefits they saw during the duration of the study. This spoke hope to my heart. I truly believed that I had stumbled upon something that may be able to help me. I can now say, with absolute certainty, that if I had not listened to my heart that day and began to practice yoga, I would be a knot on the floor, and would likely be wheelchair-bound today.

I am a wife and a mother of three very active young daughters, so dropping out of life was not an option! I was in bad shape and very sick when I started my practice. Yoga was the only relief I got from the brutal hammering my neuro muscular system was taking day in and day out. The benefits were so immediate that I went to every class I could find, and on days yoga was not offered I started doing my own practice at home. I saw more and more improvements and LOVED it! I decided to get my teacher certification in 2008, just one year after I started practicing. I believed that God had given me a gift that had transformed my life in all of the best ways possible, and I wanted to share that gift with others.

Prior to my Yoga Training I received a BA in Psychology with minors in Sociology and Philosophy. I worked as a counselor, and I taught Successful Life Management Classes for Women, coupled with effective communication skills.

In 2008, I received my 1st yoga certification from YOGA FIT, and later received level 2,3, and 4. I then found Asthanga Yoga and fell in love. I completed my 200RYT certification in Asthanga yoga in 2011. Just before completing my 200RYT I opened a small Yoga Studio Called “The Yoga Room,” where I taught and practiced for the next four years.

As you can see, I am a Yoga Mutt! There are many different kinds and/or schools of yoga, and I love them all! I study and try to learn from as many different sources as possible; it’s all good! I like to mix it up in my vinyasa classes by drawing upon my knowledge in order to give my students whatever it is they are needing that day. Never the same class twice!

“PRACTICE AND ALL IS COMING… “ -Sir K. Pattabhi Jois


Amber Jernigan

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Amber Jernigan

My yoga journey started in 2012 in effort to lose some of the baby weight after having my youngest daughter. What I quickly realized was that yoga wasn’t just about seeing changes on the scale- it was also about seeing changes in my mind, relationships and the way I viewed by body as a whole. I quickly became a 5-6 day a week student at a local hot yoga studio. Over the next 4 years my love of yoga remained but my practice and times to the studio wavered. As a wife, mother of two, stepmother of two and full time Realtor, my own personal interests were always the first thing I trimmed off when I felt overwhelmed or pulled in too many directions. I made a personal goal to keep my yoga practice as a daily priority because when I was able to take that time for myself, everything in my life improved.

After 10 years in the grueling, competitive and stressful world of real estate I decided to follow my heart and the signs the universe was sending me and dive into the world of yoga and wellness. I started leading a sunset yoga class on the rooftop terrace of the Capital City Club. The popularity of the class continued to grow over the weeks and I decided to get my teacher training done in Birmingham. I completed my Prana Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training with Leisha in June 2017, and I am on track to complete my 200 hr certification by mid-September. I am also a certified Reiki energy healer. 

Being able to lead other people to the practice of yoga, meditation and other holistic and natural healing avenues has enriched my life and led me to my true purpose. When I’m not on the mat I am spending time with the love of my life, my husband Taylor, our 4 kids, and our puppy Dooley. I’m also an avid reader, Hitchcock movie fanatic and lover of good champagne. I hope you’ll stop into one of my classes. I would be blessed by your presence.