“If there was a poster child for Fly Aerial, I would be it! Kimberly Sabel and her studio have changed the way I look and more importantly the way I feel! I danced competitively growing up, but after graduating high school working out was not something I did…ever! Until, I got to a point where I wanted to feel better and relieve stress. Fly Aerial has done so much more for me though. I have scoliosis and my posture is a constant struggle. Aerial yoga had helped my back pain as well as strengthened the muscles in my back which in turn have helped my posture. Aerial Circus has allowed me to gain upper body strength I never thought I’d have and did I mention core? Hello abs! Working out doesn’t have to be boring and life is too serious to take yourself seriously. You don’t have to run away to join the circus. Come fly with us at Fly Aerial.” -Lauren G.

“I have been doing fly yoga classes for a year now and I absolutely LOVE it and I adore Kimberly Sabel. She is such a great instructor- so fun, patient, and passionate about what she does. I run and play tennis and I needed some stretching to go along with those actives and it’s soooooo fun. It is more of a work out than you think. I thoroughly enjoy it and I hope to do more classes in 2018. If you haven’t tried it, you are in for a real treat….” -Marla C.

“Kimberly has totally changed the river region by bringing aerial yoga! She is such a doll, and her kind encouragement eliminates any fear you have if you are a beginner. I am obsessed with her ground, aerial, and circus classes! If you are looking for a fun workout or a way to shake up your usual yoga practice, this is it!” -Sara K.

“My first aerial yoga class tonight. Super fun! Kimberly was very patient with all of us “newbies”. Took time to make sure we were all doing things correctly to get the most out of the class and minimize the chance of over exertion or injury. Looking forward to my next class!” -Valerie C.

“FUN! Not only did she explain her background (important), but she explained HOW these cool moves would help your body… She is BRILLIANT with her encouragement — lifts your courage UP, demonstrates a move and shows HOW MUCH FUN it is. I admit, I was skeptical that someone my age/shape could DO the moves, but to my surprise, I was doing them, and it was a BLAST! A BLAST. I tell you! Think you are uncoordinated? STOP that negative self-talk. GET to the studio and HAVE FUN. You CAN do this! And you will be coming back for more!” -Rosalind B.

“I’ve been taking Kimberly’s ground yoga classes for a couple of years now, so when she opened her aerial studio, I was so excited to try the silks and the new ground classes. It’s been SO MUCH FUN! This place is my happy place after a long day at work, so I love coming to class. Everyone is so energetic and eager to help modify poses if necessary, which makes classes even more engaging. Kim and the gang are THE BEST!” -Lori Q.

“Really fun! I did this post 8 week ankle injury. Honestly, I was a bit apprehensive about doing it but Kimberly put me at ease. I thought I would at least be sore the next day but I wasn’t- I actually felt amazing. It was like a whole body stretch that I’ve needed for 30 years haha. Loved it! Highly recommend!” -Jenny B.

“Had a great time! I was a little afraid at first but got comfortable after a few tries. Met some new fun people and the instructors were great! The best part is at the end but I will not spoil it for you. Go try it out! I plan on going back soon.” -Heather W.

“Loved my first time trying aerial yoga. Had a lot of fun while getting in a good workout. Kimberly was so patient with the newbies in class and explained things very well.” -Jennifer B.

“I LOVED my first class! I was nervous about going the first time because I’m a larger person but I was SO comfortable and had a blast!” -Chrissy V.

“Really fun! It was hard for me to get used to being upside down and trusting the silks but Kimberly did great at instructing! I am a little afraid of heights (we weren’t too high so it wasn’t too bad) but I wanted to challenge myself. Everyone was really helpful in class and nice. I enjoyed it!” -Mary S.

“This was my first time. I’m so afraid of being upside down but with this I did it !!! I can’t wait to go back!! Felt great!! I’m proof anyone can do this.” -Alicia I.

“I go several times a week. Love, love, love it! Kim and Megan are great instructors and know how to modify the moves for the beginning, not-so-young crowd! Beautiful studio too!” -Brenda K.