Class Descriptions

Yoga Classes

Beginner’s Basics

This class is great for new yogis and experienced practitioners alike. We will build a strong foundation for your yoga practice. Common asanas will be visited, and you will become familiar with Sanskrit terminology. Beginner does not mean easy! Expect this class to be a healthy challenge.

Yin Yoga

Yin is the passive practice of yoga. We will start all postures on the left side of the body, the yin side. This class is very slow, and all postures are seated. Expect to be in postures for as long as 3-5 minutes. Leave feeling rejuvenated!

Hot Power Fusion

Hot Power Fusion is a blend of balance, flexibility, and core strengthening. The class offers the detoxifying qualities of hot yoga with the intensities of power yoga. Class is for all levels and beginner friendly.

Spicy Vinyasa

End your work day with a fun and dynamic vinyasa flow class based on synchronizing movements with breath! An invigorating flow consisting of sun salutations, standing postures, basic arms balances and inversions, and a sweet, restorative cool down. Each class is accompanied by lively music; no two classes are the same! A basic knowledge of yoga is recommended for a more enjoyable experience, but postures are explained and modifications are offered, so all levels are welcome!

Restorative Yoga

This class is great for new yogis and experienced practitioners alike. Gentle flow is instructed between 4-5 restorative poses. Restorative poses are deeply relaxing. These poses utilize many yoga props and are held for 7-10 minutes each.

Creative Vinyasa

In this class, you will learn the importance & advantages of the body-breath connection through vinyasa as a way to settle the mind. This class is recommended for those with a foundation in yoga, but anyone is welcome!

Ashtanga Primary Series

In this class, you will be led through the entire Ashtanga Primary Series. A strong foundation in yoga or a high level of athletic conditioning is recommended.

Morning Vinyasa

This is a vinyasa style class to help start your morning off right. Get your body moving and your mind steadied to help take on the day with a sense of peace and accomplishment. This class is open to all levels and modifications will be given if necessary.

Ashtanga Vinyasa

In this class we will explore the world of the Ashtanga yoga method. This class can and will vary as we grow through the series together. This is a mixed levels class, so if you’re newer to yoga or are a seasoned practitioner, everyone can benefit and grow through this course.

Aerial Yoga Classes

Beginner Aerial Yoga

This class serves as an introduction to the basics of aerial yoga. You will be taken through the fundamental postures, and will be offered 1-2 variations for each one. We will work on building overall upper body and core strength to assist with preparation for the more advanced classes. All levels welcome!


Aerial Yoga Brunch / Rise & Fly

These mixed level classes are catered to all levels of practitioners. Learn the fundamental postures of aerial yoga, and if this isn’t your first rodeo, try some new options! All levels welcome.


Aerial Yoga Strength Vinyasa

This class uses the fundamental postures taught in our beginner aerial yoga class. We move at a very fast pace, and we use the hammock as a conditioning device. This class is highly recommended for students looking to increase their overall strength and conditioning.  Students are more successful if they have attended at least one beginner or mixed level class.

Cirque Arts Classes

Circus Foundations and Fundamentals

These classes are apparatus specific, so please ensure you register for the correct class. You will learn the pre-reqs required to progress to our Level 1 classes.

Circus Arts Level 1 (Silks, Hammock, or Lyra)

In these classes, we will work through the skill progressions for aerial silks/tissu, aerial sling, or lyra. These classes require the Circus Foundations and Fundamentals pre-req. You may only attend classes for apparatuses in which you have completed this requirement.

Circus Arts Level 2

In these classes, we will work through the skill progressions for aerial silks/tissu, aerial sling, or lyra. These classes require mastery of all Level 1 material as a pre-req. You may only work on apparatuses in which you have demonstrated a proficiency in Level 1. See your instructor for a list of skills required to advance to Level 2.

Performance & Choreography (Level 2)

This class is open to all Level 2 students. You will not learn any new skills. Rather, you will learn how to better execute skills you already know, as well as how to string skills together with eye-catching transitions. We will begin to choreograph routines for future performances or just for fun. Pre-requisite: Ability to practice on your apparatus of choice safely and without a spot.

Open Gym

Open gym is an opportunity to work on anything you have learned in your cirque arts classes. You can come and go as you please, and you are free to work on whatever you want, so long as it is a skill you have already learned.

Karate Classes

Youth Karate

Youth Program (ages 6-12)

Your child will grow inside and outside.  They will be less vulnerable to bullies or predators as they learn Self Pride, Confidence, Respect and Humility.  They will become proud but not prideful.

Focus is on basics, forms/katas, discipline, self esteem, sparring and physical fitness.  We have developed a special program to provide your child with rewarding benefits. Our program will help your child develop coordination and balance, overcoming awkwardness or imbalance during the growth years, while building confidence in many areas. Respect, self-discipline and courtesy are emphasized throughout the program. We help kids learn to focus.

Our karate program will help your child develop the ability to stand up to peer pressure and other intimidating situations. Montgomery Isshin-ryū Karate Academy is very careful to teach our students common sense before self-defense, never to be abusive or offensive, and that there is no first strike in karate. The result is a self-confident child who does not need to compromise his/her correct choices, to be a bully, or show off to others.

Our kids program is structured, yet fun! We emphasize good, clean karate techniques, while incorporating, good clean fun for kids.  It’s also a great way for them to burn off energy. We firmly believe in the values of our karate program and its life-long benefits. 

Adult Karate

Adult Program (ages 13 and up)

Your Isshin-ryū training will include the most up to date methods known for achieving total fitness and self-defense capabilities within a well organized, progressive, non-competitive format. You can start as a beginner or experienced martial artist.  

Isshin-ryū is one of the styles chosen by the US Marines in their current martial arts program!  The program dates back to the 1950’s where the US government paid the founder of Isshin-ryū to train US Marines.

The best time to begin making confidence, fitness and self-defense part of your life is now! Karate provides a healthy break from routines of home, school or office. Karate is the most interesting and diversified way to keep fit, both physically and mentally.

In addition to learning discipline, and valuable and practical self-defense skills, our Isshin-ryū Karate program will improve movement, focus, fluidity, dexterity, balance and stamina. The classes are fun and energetic – and a great workout!