The Circus is in town!

Cirque Arts

Our Beginner Cirque Arts classes cover a range of disciplines. We are currently offering aerial silks, hooping, and poi!

Aerial silks/tissu are a newer circus apparatus, and a great deal of the skills are inspired by aerial rope/Spanish web. Kimberly Sabel obtained her teaching certificate for aerial silks at the Circus Arts Institute. The teacher training at this facility was the first to be nationally recognized by the American Circus Educators Association. Kimberly travels to Atlanta regularly to train at The Circus Arts Institute and Sky Gym.

On Mondays, we rotate between aerial silks and circus hooping. On Wednesdays, we rotate between aerial silks and poi. Classes in aerial sling and aerial hoop/lyra coming soon!

The Circus Foundations and Fundamentals class, and all of its requirements, must be fulfilled before moving onto Beginner Cirque Arts. There is a fair amount of upper body and core strength required to safely enjoy these classes. If you are already enrolled and have participated in Beginner Cirque Arts classes, this does not apply to you! This prerequisite class is offered on select Saturdays, or you can schedule a private lesson to learn these fundamentals.

If you are interested in these classes, but currently lack the strength, I highly recommend starting in aerial yoga! These classes will help you build the strength necessary to propel you to the next level.

Register for a class here! Everyone is a beginner, so give yourself a chance. 🙂

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