What is aerial yoga?

Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is a method that uses aerial silk slings to access yoga postures. These exercises are low impact and therapeutical, while offering opportunities for advancement in strength and agility. The methods taught in these classes can be used on their own or to complement a regular yoga practice. There is no experience required. Beginners are encouraged! Click here to see our schedule.

Beginner Aerial Yoga

This class serves as an introduction to the basics of aerial yoga. You will be taken through the fundamental postures, and will be offered 1-2 variations for each one. We will work on building overall upper body and core strength to assist with preparation for the more advanced classes. All levels welcome!

Aerial Yoga Brunch / Rise & Fly

These mixed level classes are catered to all levels of practitioners. Learn the fundamental postures of aerial yoga, and if this isn’t your first rodeo, try some new options! All levels welcome.

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